Welcome to Macramade KC! We are on a break until 7/15!
Welcome to Macramade KC! We are on a break until 7/15!
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Meet the Maker


I am Gianna, the maker behind Macramade KC.  I've always loved crafting and making, and sometime in 2021, I wanted to create special and eco-conscious holiday gifts for my family and friends.  After sharing my projects, some friends and family asked if I could create some gifts for the special people on their gift lists.  ENTER: Macramade KC. As I have developed my business, I have focused on three core values.


Trying to minimize my carbon footprint in my personal life has carried over to Macramade KC. I focus on using sustainable materials in every aspect of our company, from the materials used to create the products, all the way down to the shipping supplies.


I want you to know that when you support my small business, you are getting a quality product. Using premium cord may be more expensive, but it’s soft, strong, and well worth the price. I am my own worst critic (aren't we all?).  So, if a product is not up to my standards, I will go back to the drawing board to make it better. 


I consider my products to be a form of functional art. Each piece is created for a purpose. Some are more apparent than others, but if the purpose is just to make someone you smile, I’m ok with that.

I love stretching my creative abilities, so contact me for any special requests you may have. 

Thanks for stopping by!